We have been assessing on a daily basis the best policies for the safety of our staff, as well as you and your family as we are adhering to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for navigating these unchartered waters.

  • Preventative medicine with routine check ups is still very important to keep your children healthy. All of us providers feel very strongly about this. With the children home, it is a great time to schedule check ups for school instead of waiting for summer. At this time, in an effort to limit any exposure at the time of the well check ups, we are seeing sick patients only at our Royal Palm office and all well children only at our BB and WP offices.
  • We know that it is sometimes hard to know if you or your child is getting sick so for the safety of others we will be taking temperatures on all children and families at our BB and WP offices.
  • At all offices, you will be given a dose of hand sanitizer as you enter the office.
  • You will also have the option to wait in your car until we call you to come to a patient room.
  • We encourage only ONE parent to bring the child to the appointment if possible.
  • We will be limiting our late night hours for this week, closing at 6:30 at BB and WP instead of 8pm
  • We have implemented a NEW, No Contact Check-In system. You will now receive a text about your upcoming well visit with information that needs to be completed prior to the appointment. Please complete all information and self check in prior to arrival. Currently, the check in system is active for all well visits but we are moving forward quickly to have all sick visits be able to use this same system.
  • We quickly adapted to social distancing last week with the implementation of telehealth for our routine mental health follow ups and even some sick children. For previously scheduled appointments, we will be contacting you with information on how to sit in your provider’s Virtual Waiting Room for appointments this week. Please click here for specific instructions once your appointment is scheduled.
  • Ideally, all sick children coming to RP should wear masks. However, we do not have enough masks so please bring your own if possible.  Since we do not routinely order masks or face shields or gowns, we will be on the absolute bottom of the list to get any.  We thank Dr Fara Bender, pediatric dentist, and staff for donating their surgical masks to our staff. Our staff will be wearing masks at our sick office to both keep themselves healthy and to also avoid any potential exposures to you and your children.

We thank all of the Helpers in the community who are allowing many to Stay Home! The more everyone keeps distance, the sooner our staff or you and your families will no longer be at risk.

If you are looking for something to do with your children, please look at our FB post from last week with 100 ideas! This should keep you busy for at least a few days!

We are all in this together.  Be safe. Stay well.