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OB Nights


Choosing a pediatrician is a very important part of preparing to welcome a new addition to your family. We would love for you to join us for one of our OB nights where you can meet one of our doctors at each of our offices. This is an ideal time to become acquainted with our practice and philosophy about the health care of children. We schedule one group OB night a month at each office. However, if that time is not a good for you, we also have separate times with each provider for you to come and meet us. Call any of our offices to schedule a visit.


At Palm Beach Pediatrics, some of our providers are specially trained in breastfeeding counseling. We are there to support you and your infant during the sometimes difficult process of learning how to breastfeed. We monitor the newborn’s weight as well as discuss breastfeeding technique, benefits, and problems as many times as needed until you feel comfortable with your experience. We are pro-baby, but also pro-mother; therefore, we there to help you continue to do what you feel is best for both you, as well as your infant, whether it is to breastfeed, or not. This is a special time for us since this is when we are able to spend a lot of time with new parents and form that long-lasting bond as part of the family.

The following TIMELINE is to help you plan the next few months prior to your child’s birth:

2 to 4 months before your child is born:

  • Attend a complimentary Newborn Care class with us. This class covers newborn appearance, basic baby care, feeding, illness, crying , sleeping and topics special to you!
  • Please contact Becky Thome, RN  at (561) 509-5009 x2010 for more information and scheduling.

1 to 2 months before:

  • Schedule a prenatal visit to meet our doctors.

2 weeks to 1 month before:

  • Install a car seat.
  • Did you know that Palm Beach County Fire Rescue will properly install your car seat, at no charge? Give them a call at (561) 616-7033 to schedule.
  • Register at the hospital.

When your child is born:

  • Tell the nurse that Palm Beach Pediatrics is your child’s doctor. We see newborns at Palms West Hospital and Wellington Regional Medical Center daily.
  • Call the office to make an appointment.  Based on your baby’s individual needs, our office will instruct you on when to make the appointment:
    • For breast-fed babies we usually will see your baby within 24 – 48 hours as we have a special breast feeding program for new moms.
    • For formula-fed babies we usually will see your baby at one week of age.
  • Add your newborn to your insurance. Most insurance plans require newborns to be added within 30 days of their date of birth.
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