“I often tell new parents that we will become family members over the years. There are few people other than immediate family who can watch a child grow up from birth to 21 AND be privy to all of the highs and lows of the growing up process. Helping families navigate the difficult times is what I feel we do best.”

“I consider being a Pediatrician a distinct privilege.  I realize how helping children navigate the ever changing terrains of youth, offers the chance for providing supportive advocacy, which overall effects better outcomes in many aspects of life for my patients. “

“I enjoy the supportive, friendly atmosphere of the office. I feel as if I have came back home after nine years. I especially look forward to blending my old patients, whom I have taken care of for years,  with new ones that I am currently having the pleasure and privilege of meeting.”

“The best part of being a pediatrician is being able to walk into a hospital nursery full of babies and marvel at how we start life.  With only the need for love, nourishment and shelter with no biases, fears or expectations.”

“Nothing is more satisfying than helping a scared new parent realize that they can raise a happy healthy child and keep their sanity!  It’s been a blast raising my own child and using techniques that I’ve been trained in. My husband always seems surprised when the techniques work.  I usually have to remind him, “honey, this is what I do for a living!”

“I have the privilege of watching my patients grow up from infants to adults and building relationships with the entire family. I love that I get to guide families through tough times and celebrate successes with them too.”

“I enjoy working in such a positive and supportive environment, and being part of a team whose dedication to serving children is so evident.  I love getting to know families on a personal level and watching their kids grow from infancy to early adulthood.  It’s truly a privilege to provide health care, advice, support and perspective to children and their families, especially at this challenging time in our world.”

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

“There’s a saying: If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. To be here this long, you’d have to believe that!”

“As a mother of two young beautiful girls, I know firsthand how important it is to find good medical care for our kids. This is why I am happy to be part of a team of professionals that strive to provide the best possible pediatric care and support for our patients and their parents.”

“A lifetime of good health is created with a strong foundation; one created by both the parents, patient, and healthcare provider alike. This is why I love pediatrics, as we are creating the foundation for a child’s health to last them their lifetime.  I am truly honored that parents trust me to be their partner along their child’s pediatric journey.”

“Many of my colleagues are like second family and this makes coming to work all that more enjoyable.”

“What I like best about working at PBP is that EVERYONE works TOGETHER to provide the best care for the children and families that see us.  We are a team.”

“I love that this practice focuses on the ‘whole’ child.  We not only treat physical illnesses, but we also assess for emotional and mental health issues that may be hindering a child’s ability to reach their fullest potential.”